Welcome to Torpedo Run

This game is an endless runner where you play as a submarine facing off against waves of enemy fish and planes

Save up your coins to buy skins at the shop. Your progress saves

Keyboard Controls:

  • WASD - Movement
  • Space- Fire torpedo

Controller controls:

  • Left stick - Movement
  • Left trigger - Fire torpedo

Also available on

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The game is good. The graphics are "exceptional" and the gameplay is pretty smooth, the controls are easy. Now the game is good, but it can certainly be better, first, I wish there was more variation of the things you could buy in the store (Like different types of torpedos, buying extra health, special abilities, etc.)

But overall it's a good game!

Hey. I played your game on my stream. :D I loved it. I hope you check it out:

Thanks, I saw your video and thought it was great!